Rogers Bumps Internet Caps But Shaw and Teksavvy Still Have Higher Limits

A while back, we posted a few posts regarding the UBB date, which had people passionate about internet caps. Let’s take a look at a few recent changes we’ve seen from the carriers here, specifically Rogers, Shaw, and Teksavvy.

Rogers posted an update regarding internet caps today on its Redboard blog. They have modified some plans “to ensure they meet your changing needs“, and their high speed internet tiers are getting faster download speeds and a slight bump in data caps for DOCSIS 3.0 customers.

Customers on the following plans will get bumps in speed and internet caps:

Express – +2 Mbps speed increase, no cap increase (60GB cap)
Extreme – +9 Mbps speed increase, 20GB cap increase (100GB cap)
Extreme Plus – +9 Mbps speed increase, 25GB cap increase (150GB cap)
Ultimate – 75GB cap increase (250GB cap)

For Express/Extreme plans only:

$20/month – 80GB of more data
$5/month – 20GB of more data

Customers using a DOCSIS 2.0 modem will require an upgrade to a DOCSIS 3.0 modem/router to attain these speeds for an extra $1.50-$3.00 per month. The DOCSIS 2.0 modem is capable of handling 32 Mbps, but users will need to upgrade.

To compare these changes to competitors such as Shaw or Teksavvy, those customers still have higher cap limits on all plans, regardless of plans, and offer better deals. For comparisons sake, let’s look at the low end plans from Shaw, Teksavvy, and Rogers:

Shaw High Speed Lite
– 1Mbps down, 30GB cap, $27

Teksavvy High Speed Lite
– 640Kbps down, unlimited data, $24.95

Rogers Ultra-Lite Internet
– 500Kbps down, 2GB cap, $27.99

…and here are the high end plans:

Shaw Unlimited 100
– 100Mbps down, unlimited data, $119 (includes modem)

Teksavvy High Speed DSL 25
– 25Mbps down, 300GB data, $67.97

Rogers Ultimate Internet
– 50Mbps down, 250GB cap, $99.99

Looking at these price plans, it’s clear the CRTC has come to ‘competition’ in Canada way too late, as stated by Michael Geist.

Do you use any of the internet providers above? If you’re on Rogers, how do you like these changes?

Thanks Andrew for the email!