Big Media is Investigating Rogers iPhone 3G Uproar

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The snowball effect is starting to take place right now in response to Rogers’ iPhone 3G voice/data plans. This all came about through the internet revolts, and’s petition (which sits at almost 30,000 signatures!). Rogers has hired a PR agency to contact the entire blogosphere, however I think the damage has been done. Sorry, but there is no turning back right now with all this negative publicity. The floodgates have opened!

The Globe and Mail and CBC are Applying the Heat to Rogers

The Globe and Mail has an article that compares Rogers iPhone 3G rates with those of AT&T in the USA. The Ottawa Business Journal analyzes why Canadians have been “gouged” by wireless carriers over the years. The CBC’s most popular article emphasizes the criticism Rogers is attracting from Canadians.

Even the Americans are jumping into the fray. US media heavyweight, PC World, also gives us their take on the “blasting” Rogers is taking from Canadians. These articles are interesting reads if you haven’t seen them yet–check them out!

CBC Takes on Rogers iPhone 3G Woes on Air; Should be on Global TV News @ 6pm

The CBC had a very interesting clip regarding the iPhone 3G and why Canadians were in an uproar. You can view the clip by clicking here. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Within the Lower Mainland, it looks as though yours truly, iPhone Fan, plus another forum member will be on Global BC’s News Hour at 6pm tonight!

We were contacted by reporter Ted Chernecki. There will be a segment put together regarding Rogers and the iPhone. I wonder what we will talk about. Our on camera interviews should take place later today. It’s going to be interesting to see how it goes. I’ll keep you guys updated. For those with PVR’s, please set it up to record and send me a YouTube link afterwards if you can–thanks! 🙂

A Conservative Life Using 400MB of Monthly iPhone 3G Data

Hmm…how about 400MB of monthly data on the cheapest iPhone 3G voice/data plan? That would work out to 13MB/day. What can you do with 13MB/day? Well, most websites are almost 1MB to load! So if you ONLY surfed websites, have fun with your 13 website daily limit–thanks Rogers!

Here are a few examples of websites and how much data it takes to load them…keep in mind this is just the FIRST page of your visit: – 710KB Forums – 178KB – 859KB – 11KB (thank you Google) – 174KB – 241KB News – 409KB – 151KB – 163KB 666KB
Grand total: 3562KB; 3.5MB x 4 pages from each site = 14MB
(stats calculated by WebPageAnalyzer)

Okay, so you’re probably wondering, “Gee, that’s not too bad at all!”. Well, don’t forget 3.5MB is just to load the first page of these websites. Most users surf at least 3-4 web pages per site (a conservative amount). I mean come on, Facebook stalking is a lot of work, so that right there will add up! Something to think about when Rogers pushes 400MB into your face, and once again Elizabeth Hamilton will state that “These are just the optimized plans we think will benefit the customer”.

Don’t forget downloading/sending email, checking stocks, weather, AppStore, YouTube…it will all add up very quickly. In a flash, your daily 13MB quota will be long gone–which might result in some expensive overage charges from Rogers! iPhone 3G users should be able to use the device without worrying about exceeding their data limit. What fun would it be if you’re constantly calculating how much data you’ve consumed? It wouldn’t make for an enjoyable iPhone experience.

iPhone Accessories Update: Griffin Sends us Some Cool Products!

I received a package in the mail earlier this week from one of our latest sponsors, Griffin. Expect reviews to come later this week! Stay tuned…there might even be a giveaway! 😉

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