Chatr Expands International Talk Saver Rates to All Customers [u]

Chatr international talk saver rates

Rogers-owned chatr has expanded its international Talk Saver calling rates to all of its customers, as of April 9, 2020.

With Talk Saver rates, international calls see lower rates per minute to over 200 nations worldwide, starting from $0.01 per minute on a pay-per-use basis.

Prepaid brand Chatr has started informing customers via text message they now have International Talk Saver included in their plan, if they didn’t have it before. The change means chatr customers can make international calls originating from Canada from their phones, if they’re ready for pay-per-use rates.

Recently, chatr also let customers know it would be transitioning its 3G customers over to the company’s LTE network.

Update: Revised article to note International Talk Saver calling rates are for those made from Canada; roaming pay-pay-use calling rates are different.