Dear ‘Big 3’ Carriers: Please Clarify iPhone 4 Upgrade Details?

Canadians are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the iPhone 4, but we’re going to have to wait until the second launch in “late July”. The issue with the iPhone 4 in Canada can be complicated due to the fact that most iPhone users have signed onto 3 year contracts with either Rogers, Telus or Bell.

Last year, Rogers made some last minute concessions and updated their iPhone 3GS upgrade policy (they did the same for the iPhone 3G the year before). It wasn’t easy to understand and was downright confusing to many.  Inconsistencies in dealing with Rogers employees both on the phone and within stores frustrated many including myself. How was your iPhone 3G/3GS upgrade experience?

Will Rogers/Telus/Bell Please Inform Us of iPhone 4 Upgrade Details Well in Advance of “Late July”?

The inspiration for this post was the following video from AT&T in the States. The video clearly lays out in plain English the details for upgrading to the iPhone 4. My only hope is that the ‘Big 3’ carriers can learn from this and let consumers know well in advance (I’m talking more than 1-2 days before launch) the details regarding iPhone 4 upgrades. Check out this video and tell me what you think (AT&T is doing something right–hopefully their network problems improve too):

If our voices aren’t being heard by our wireless carriers, will we have to start some petitions again? What do you think?