Extend your iPhone 3G Warranty with Honesty

Most early adopters of the iPhone 3G had to sign onto a 3 year contract (including yours truly. What does this mean? Well, it means hopefully your iPhone 3G will survive three years of accidental drops, scratches, and scuffs (not if you have an invisibleSHIELD installed though!). The iPhone’s warranty is one year from Apple. I’ve used this warranty through Rogers to exchange for a new unit due to my original’s horrific battery life.

Apple is an industry leader when it comes to customer service and satisfaction. Take a gander at the following account of iPhoneinCanada.ca reader, Conrad. If this story doesn’t represent amazing customer service and impressive after-sale service, I don’t know what does. Here we go…

I live in Edmonton, AB, Canada. My carrier is Rogers.

I dropped my iPhone 2 days ago and was devastated. Fortunately for me it was still perfectly operable. Just only had a crack in the screen, which was esthetically not pleasing.

I took it into Rogers and they said their warranty does not cover “accidental” damage. They said a replacement fee would be approximately $300 for the 16GB iPhone.

Considering that within a year I shelled out for an iPod Touch, a Macbook Pro and an iPhone 3G I really did not want to spend more money.

I decided to take it into the Apple Store in West Edmonton Mall. I was truthful with the person at the Genious Bar and told him that I dropped my iPhone and that the screen was cracked. They key here is that I was honest about dropping and did not concoct some complex story. I asked plain and simple if there was anyway I can get a new iPhone without paying the replacement fee. The Genius then said that usually they charge a $340 replacement fee, but for one time only they’ll give me a new one….No Charge.

I am now restoring my shiny new iPhone. Talk about great customer service.

Bottom line….It pays to be honest. Ask for what you want. Rogers Sucks. Apple Rocks! And lastly, treat your iPhone like it’s the last one in the world. You don’t want to go through with what I did.

Could AppleCare for the iPhone 3G be available in the near future?

What a story! I’ve heard similar experiences where people have been able to walk into an Apple Store and get their Apple goods replaced on the spot, depending on the situation of course. It’s very reassuring to know that Apple will step up to the plate and go that extra mile to make customers happy.

This story reaffirms my recent decision to buy my first Mac. However, it is still the responsibility of each person to take extra care of their gadgets, but of course accidents do happen right? I look forward to enjoying more Apple products in the near future–have I turned into a “fanboy” yet?!

Anyone else out there have some amazing Apple customer service stories to share?

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