Fido Offering 3GB Free Data to Some Customers on $65/10GB Holiday Plan

Earlier this year, Rogers and Fido raised the price of the popular 2017 $60/10GB BYOD holiday plan, to $65 per month.

The price increase was soon ‘matched’ by Bell and Virgin, while Telus raised its own price by double that of its competitors to $70/10GB. Koodo Mobile remains at $60/10GB for now.

For Fido customers still unhappy about the $5 per month price increase, a chat with customer service about your displeasure may result in free data, according to one member on RFD.

The online Fido customer care representative was able to offer an extra 3GB of data per month for free for a period of 12 months.

A later telephone chat with a Fido manager confirmed the complimentary 3GB data add-on, while also offering some ‘competitive plans’:

  • BYOD: $60/5GB + 3GB bonus
  • Medium plan: $65/5GB + 3GB bonus
  • Large plan: $75/5GB + 3GB bonus

Again, if you’re not happy about Fido’s recent price increase on your $60/10GB plan and you’re willing to take time to talk to them about it, you may be able to get 3GB of free data for 12 months.

The free data for calling in to complain is not unprecedented here. Telus offered 5GB extra data to some customers who called in to complain about the $10 increase to $70/10GB for the holiday plan.

Rogers, Telus and Bell recently explained why these price hikes were justified, citing network improvements and staying competitive.

Let us know if you decide to chat with Fido about your recent 2017 holiday plan price increase.