Fido Offering $45/6GB BYOD Plan to Some Customers, Quebec Getting $44/8GB

If you’re a Fido customer looking to get a cheaper or better plan, it may be worth chatting with customer relations on the phone or chat.

Users on RFD are noting Fido is offering a 25% discount on its $60/6GB BYOD plan with unlimited Canada-wide calling, taking it down to $45/6GB—for 12 months only.

For Fido customers in Quebec, they’re seeing offers of $44/8GB with Canada-wide calling.

One RFD user in B.C. noted Fido was able to offer a $50/10GB BYOD plan, after escalating a customer relations call to management, in what appears to be a response to Virgin’s recent $56/10GB plan. A screenshot of the plan was posted online as evidence, but eventually taken down.

Let us know if you’re able to get any discounted offers from Fido by speaking with customer relations. The $50/10GB offer in B.C. would be a pretty good plan, if you’re offered it from Fido.