Fido Clearance: Apple iPhone XS for $599 on Payment Program [u]

Fido iphone xs clearance

Rogers-owned Fido says it has Apple’s iPhone XS now on clearance, offering the phone for $599 for those signing up on contract and using the Fido Payment Program.

The iPhone XS in 64GB is available for $0 upfront and then $24.99/month as part of the Fido Payment Program. Normally, this would be at $53.54 per month and Fido says you’re saving $28.55/month for 24 months. Fido has the iPhone XS—which launched back in September 2018—valued at $1,285.

There’s also a $40 Setup Service Fee involved when creating a new line.

The minimum monthly plan required for this iPhone XS on the Fido Payment Plan is $69.99 per month for 1GB of data (for a customer in B.C. anyways). That’s not a lot of data and you’ll be paying this for 24 months, ahead of new iPhone launches expected this fall.

You could pay $5 more to get 4GB total data, bringing your monthly price to $75/4GB plus your $24.99/month payment for the iPhone XS, which works out to $100/month.

You’re better off buying an iPhone outright upfront, then jumping on a cheaper plan such as a promo $36/5GB from Zoomer, which is a subsidiary of Rogers that runs on its LTE network. If you sign a contract you can also get a free phone which you can sell privately and apply towards your iPhone purchase.

Right now, Rogers, Telus and Bell have also discounted the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, ahead of this fall’s latest iPhone releases.

Update: An iPhone in Canada reader let us know it’s possible to combine this offer with an existing offer you may already have in My Account online. If you add a line online, you get an extra 2GB and $5 off discount for 24 months, working out to $54.99/4GB, for those in Quebec. The $40 activation fee is also waived online (merci Mathieu).