Fido iPhone 4S Now ‘Free’ on 2-Year Smart Plan Instead of Max Plan


For those users on Fido looking for a $0 entry 8GB iPhone 4S on a 2-year contract, the carrier has changed the requirements for a full subsidy.

The Fido website now lists the iPhone 4S as only requiring a 2-year Tab24 agreement on a Smart plan ($350 subsidy), instead of previously requiring a more expensive Max plan ($450 subsidy).

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Smart plans start at $40 per month for a barebones plan of 250 anytime Canada-wide minutes, with no data. For $45, users can get 250MB of data (with $5/100MB overages).

Considering the iPhone 4S is three years old, I’m surprised this change wasn’t made sooner. For users jumping into a smartphone for the first time and do not want a data plan, is paying $40 per month worth it for a ‘free’ iPhone 4S?