Fido My Account iOS App Showing 15GB of Data for Some $60/10GB Customers

Yesterday, Rogers updated the Fido My Account iOS app to offer real-time mobile data usage statistics for wireless users, a welcome addition to let customers track how much data they’re using without any delays.

After installing the update, some Fido customers on the company’s $60/10GB plan are seeing 15GB of data showing, instead of their 10GB bucket.

iPhone in Canada reader Andy shares how his data plan is showing 15GB within the Fido My Account app:

Fido my account 15gb Fido my account 15gb app

As you can imagine, seeing 15GB of data in your account may lead to confusion when you really only have 10GB. The bug appears to be in the iOS app only, as on the web, the proper 10GB of data is shown.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. Back in January, the same thing happened to these Fido customers on the $60/10GB plan, which Fido confirmed was due to a “technical error”—and honoured the extra data for the billing cycle for those affected.

We’ve reached out to Fido for clarification and will update this post when we hear back.

Are you seeing 15GB of data in the Fido My Account app on your $60/10GB plan?