Fido Offering Free 10GB Data Bonus to Select Customers: Check Your Account

Fido 10gb data bonus

Image via RFD forum member ‘wh00ps’

If you’re a Fido customer, you may want to check your text messages and online account, to see if you’re one of the lucky ones to get a 10GB data bonus.

According to numerous users on RFD, Fido has sent out text messages indicating 10GB of free monthly data, available for 15 months.

One Fido customer in Quebec said they received 10GB data for no extra charge. They had to log into their online account and click accept to add the free data, turning their $34/2GB plan into $34/12GB.

Others chimed in they also received this 10GB free data offer, when they signed up for Black Friday promo plans of $35/12GB.

Again, check your Fido online account to see if this 10GB data freebie is available, as it requires action for it to be activated.