Fido Offering Special $60/30GB Plan to Select Customers

Fido $66 30gb

Customers of Rogers-owned Fido may want to check their online accounts for special targeted promo plans from the company.

Right now, some RFD users are seeing a $60 per month plan with 30GB of data. One user based in Ontario said, “This is my second month with Fido, I recently hit 90% of data used and this offer appeared when I logged in on a computer.”

A screenshot shows the 30GB plan offering for $66.60 per month, taxes included. The user was previously on a $55.50 (taxes included) plan with 10GB of data per month.

Another RFD user replied to ‘AlexanderS239657’ to also share screenshots of the same offered by doled out by Fido.

Currently, Fido only offers a maximum of 15GB of data for $80 per month. The promo plan offers double this amount for $20 less per month.

Again, if you’re with Fido you may want to log into your online account and see if there are some promo offers being sent your way.