Fido Offers Exclusive $45/20GB Plan for Some Existing Customers

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Image via RFD

If you’re an existing Fido customer, you may want to check your account online again for exclusive plan offers.

One of the latest being offered right now is a $45 per month plan with 20GB of data. The plan includes unlimited Canada-wide minutes and text messages.

Another plan being offered, as shared by RFD user ‘nihulen’ in Ontario, is a $40/15GB plan. Other RFD users chimed in to share other plans being offered right now as well:

  • $40/15GB
  • $55/25GB
  • $60/35GB

Earlier this week, we shared some Fido customers were seeing the $55/25GB promo plan. This plan was offered to Fido customers back in April as well.

Back in December 2020, we saw Fido offer a promo $45/20GB plan to Freedom Mobile customers if they switched over.

Again, it’s worth checking your Fido account online if you haven’t recently, to see what special plans are being offered.