Fido Promo Plans: $45/6GB BYOD, $45/5GB for Prepaid Switchers at Wireless Wave

Wireless Wave has a variety of promo BYOD plans available from Fido, with one at $45 per month with 6GB of data, available for 12 months.

The Wireless Wave location in Vancouver we spoke with over the phone, the following in-store BYOD plans were detailed:

$45 with 6GB Data (Actually the $55/6GB plan)

  • 500 Canada-wide anytime minutes
  • Unlimited international SMS/MMS
  • Includes $10 monthly credit for 12 months; after it becomes $55/6GB
  • 1,000 International minutes to Mexico, Germany, France, China, India, Hong Kong, etc (no USA)

$45 with 5GB Data for Prepaid Switchers

  • Only available for those switching from Chatr prepaid, Fido prepaid or Rogers prepaid
  • Unlimited Canada-wide calling
  • Unlimited international SMS/MMS
  • Not just a 12 month discount

These plans are also being offered at Wireless Wave locations in Ontario as well, as noted on RFD.

Again, if you’re a current BYOD customer with any carrier and these plans are better than what you currently have, it may be worth jumping ship to Fido at Wireless Wave (until a better deal comes along).