Fido Promo Offers $35/9GB to $50/20GB Plans for Adding Extra Lines in Quebec

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Fido appears to have debuted some promos for existing customers in Quebec seeking to add a second line or more to their account.

  • $35 / 9GB
  • $40 / 10GB
  • $45 / 15GB
  • $50 / 20GB

Once you log into your Fido account online, you should see a message that says “Add a line and get a $5/month discount for 24 months AND a 5GB data bonus!
on select Data, Talk & Text plans”.

According to RFD, these plans aren’t available outside of Quebec. Others in B.C. and Ontario for example, are only seeing add-a-line plans of $40/7GB, $45/9GB.

Again, if you’re an existing Fido customer in Quebec and looking to add a second line, log into your account and see what’s available.