Fido Price Increase: Transaction Fee to Hit $30 Starting April 24

According to an internal memo seen by iPhone in Canada, Fido will increase the price of its “transaction fee” by $5 to $30, up 20% from its previous price of $25. This change will take place effective Tuesday, April 24th, nationwide.

The Rogers flanker brand says the price increase will allow Fido to “[align] us with a number of competitors in the market today.” The change will affect customers who activate or perform a hardware upgrade. This fee cannot be waived in-store or over the phone, reads the memo.

Fido explains this transaction fee covers the cost of processing customer service requests (such as activating a SIM card), while also “supports the enhancement of Fido’s network and services,” while also “increasing the quality of the customer experience.”

If customers ask why these rates are increasing, the company is supposed to say the company regularly reviews their fees and wireless plans, while also balancing costs with ongoing enhancements, which allows the company to “deliver the best customer experience.”

Fido originally debuted their ‘transaction fee’ in September 2016, which at the time was only $15. But it has continued to increase in price and less than two years later, it has doubled.

Last week, Bell and Virgin increased the price of their connection charge from $25 to $30, and now it appears Fido is doing the same.

With the elimination of unlocking fees thanks to the CRTC Wireless Code (unlocking is now free) many have argued the ‘Big 3’ would find other ways to make up for lost revenue, such as increasing fees and also rate plans.

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