iPhone 3GS speed test. Toronto to Tampa

I would really love to get the data rate on my new iPhone 3GS to hit 7.2 mbit/s, like Rogers advertises. Unfortunately, the reality is that we’ll never be able to hit that speed as the network can’t handle it.

On my iPhone 3G I remember getting download speeds of about 4800 kbits/s. With the 3GS however, I can’t seem to break 4075 Kbits/s download and 261 Kbits/s upload.

From what I’ve been reading, however, the data rates out west and in the U.S. are even worse! Luckily I’m in Florida right now and I’ve been given a chance to test it out first hand.

The current 3G data rate here in Fort Meyers on AT&T is 179 Kbits/s download and  60 Kbits/s upload. It’s ridiculously slow, and the 3G reception is maxed at 5 bars.

I guess Rogers is doing something right.

There is a great app call Speed Test, which is free from the AppStore. Download it and give it try and please post your results in the comment section of this post.