Ontario Court Confirms Chatr Ads Claiming Fewer Dropped Calls Accurate

Rogers released a statement yesterday in response to the Ontario Court of Justice’s decision to side with the company over its Chatr brand ads after newer entrants WIND and Mobilicity filed complaints they were inaccurate back in fall of 2010.

“We’re pleased that the court today confirmed that Chatr’s advertising of fewer dropped calls, in connection with its 2010 launch, was fair and accurate. The court also confirmed that the drive testing used by Rogers is the best method for comparing network performance and is universally accepted, both in Canada and internationally.

Testing conducted both before and after the 2010 launch confirmed the accuracy of Chatr’s advertising. The court found that we should have completed additional testing in certain urban markets in advance of the launch. This testing was completed shortly after launch.

We support clear, accurate and consumer-friendly advertising. There is no doubt that Rogers’ network performed better than networks of new wireless carriers and we believed it was important that consumers had that information. We always strive to meet the highest possible standards of accuracy and clarity in all our advertisements and in all the information we provide to consumers.”

This May Rogers said the Competition Bureau was “seriously misled” by its competitors about network data and drive tests.