Reminder: Rogers/Fido 6GB Data Plan Expires On September 30, 2010

This past summer, and what seems to be a recurring promotion each year, Rogers/Fido released their amazing $30 6GB data plan.

Rogers/Fido typically release this data plan when a new iPhone comes out and this has been the trend since summer 2008. However, as summer comes to an end, so does this promotion.

Effective September 30 2010, the $30 6GB data plan will no longer be offered, that is until next year! So if you have a smartphone or iPhone 3G/3GS/4, now is the time to grab this data plan before it is gone.

The plan is available to both new and existing Rogers/Fido customers on a 3-year agreement. For quick reference, here are the SOC codes for the plan in case the customer service rep gets lost trying to add it to your account:


  • Smartphone (iPhone): DATA6GBX3
  • Blackberry: BB6GBIS


  • Smartphone (iPhone): DSPSRA018
  • Blackberry: FBBSRA00X