Review: “Echo” Mirror Screen Protector by Proporta

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Today we are going to give a little love to our iPhone (first-gen) owners! We have a review of the “Echo” made by Proporta and it is a Mirrored Screen Protector for the original iPhone.

Echo by Proporta

The Echo is a very interesting concept for a screen protector because it is much more than it seems. Once applied and the LCD of the iPhone is on, (and as we all know, time and patience goes a long way when applying products like these) the Echo acts as a fantastic screen protector keeping your iPhone away from scratches, dust, and fingerprints. Moreover, when you are using your iPhone, because of the mirror type finish of the Echo, your screen is protected from the prying eyes of others at certain angles. However, when the LCD goes off, the Echo truly shines.

Once the LCD on the iPhone is turned off (or put to sleep) and the Echo is applied, the entire front of your iPhone, from top to bottom, becomes a mirror. One benefit immediately comes to mind; you can check up on your make-up and/or hair and make sure you look top-notch for wherever you are going. Now I know some of you scoff at that remark, but you know as well as I do that you do it! But other than the personal beauty element, the Echo is just amazing to look at!

In the package you will find the Echo Screen Protector, an Application Card, and Cleaning Cloth.

Overall, the Echo is likely the most innovative screen protector I have seen in a while and it is the first that I have seen that is a fully functioning mirror that both protects your iPhone screen and ensures you look your best!

If anyone would like to snatch up the Echo, I will be giving this protection solution away today to one lucky winner. Read below to find out how to win!

1.) Type out why you have NOT upgraded to the new iPhone 3G yet!

2.) Post your answer below in the comments!

Contest ends Tuesday February 3 at 11:59pm.

And don’t forget! If you’re looking for this type of protection solution, you can pick up the Echo from the Proporta Online Store for $11.45.

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