Review: “Xtand” for iPhone & iPhone 3G

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Before we get to todays post, I would like to congratulate the winners of last weeks “Case-Mate” case give-aways! Congratulations to “Shriya” who scored a brand-new Red Case-Mate Signature Case and to “Stephane” who scored the ever popular Case-Mate Carbon Fiber Case! Enjoy!!

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Today’s post will be a review of the “Xtand” from JustMobile, a portable stand for your iPhone and iPhone 3G!

“Xtand” by Just Mobile

The “Xtand”, as mentioned above, is essentially a portable stand that can be used with the iPhone and iPhone 3G. The Xtand holds either your iPhone or iPhone 3G vertically or horizontally because the stand is able to rotate 360 degrees so you get a variety of viewing angles. I found the ability to rotate the Xtand to be one of the most useful features of the stand because I am able to rotate the stand, and thus my iPhone 3G to any viewing angle I wish. This is very helpful with videos for example, because now I do not need to hold my iPhone 3G.

The Xtand is also made of solid aluminum and the stand provides easy access to all the iPhone or iPhone 3G’s buttons and ports, which makes for easy charging and syncing via the dock connector. As you can see in the pictures, the stand resembles that of the current iMac’s and the cut out hole in the back provides great cable management. To put this into perspective, I have the Xstand on my desk with the iPhone 3G sync cable running through the cut out hole and resting on the desk awaiting for me to dock my phone. In a word, Fantastic!

The Xtand actually made me replace my current Apple Dock, something I never thought would be possible because I loved it to death! And so, the Xtand has taken the spot of my old Dock. However, aside from all the great things the Xtand provides, the one thing I really really like is the angle at which you can access your iPhone. For example, having the iPhone angled at about a 45 degree angle is MUCH easier to use or type on than having it in the Dock, and if anyone out there has the Apple Dock, try typing on your iPhone while the phone is docked…kind of awkward isn’t it? �The angle of the iPhone makes it very difficult to do this task while in the Apple Dock, but the Xtand�completely�eliminates this issue!

In other words, the Xtand makes it easier to charge, sync, text, and view videos all while using my actual computer ALL at the same time. These actions may be unique to me, but simply said, it is how I have being using the Xtand and I love it!

So, how can you get the Xtand? Easy! Visit the company website for a list of retailers and make your purchase at!

If you already have the Xtand or plan on getting one yourself, post your impressions of the Xtand below in the comments! I would love to hear from you!