Rogers Adds 30GB Data Option to Share Everything Plans for Only $190

Rogers has updated their Share Everything plans page to introduce a new 30GB data option, available for $190.

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Share Everything plans (which share data amongst all devices on the plan) have their monthly cost determined by adding your data plan plus voice plan. So in this case, there will be two options here:

  • $190 for 30GB data + $60 Smartphone unlimited Canada-wide voice/text = $250
  • $190 for 30GB data + $50 BYOD unlimited Canada-wide voice/text = $240

Users can add up to 9 devices to Share Everything plans at the following prices:

Screenshot 2014 08 27 17 31 39

Say a family of four had unlocked iPhones ($200) and four cellular iPads ($68) to use with the $30GB data plan ($190), they would be paying $458 per month as a family to use this plan, or $114.50 each.

In a statement to MobileSyrup, Rogers said the new 30GB shared data option would particularly suit “heavy data users who enjoy on-demand video and other content on their devices, [or] large families or groups of friends and roommates with several smartphones and tablets.”

Anyone going to jump on this?