This Rogers Product Code Adds 3GB Bonus to Your $60/10GB Holiday Plan [u]

Are you on the Rogers $60/10GB holiday plan which debuted back in December 2017? If you are, you may want to give the following product code a try to get 3GB of bonus data.

According to user “aznnorth” on RFD, those who ask Rogers retention reps to add product code MDTRABY01 to their account, will see 3GB loyalty data added to their account, bringing the total plan to $60 with 13GB of data. The 3GB data bonus is good for 24 months.

Update: Code MDTSG3BE1 apparently works for ShareEverything plans.

Rogers users on RFD have been able to get this 3GB bonus applied by speaking with Rogers reps on the phone with a retentions rep and on Facebook Messenger. Some were also able to add this to their $95 Premium Plus plan with 10GB.

Let us know if this loyalty code works for you to get 3GB of bonus data (most likely it will expire soon).

Update Sept. 13, 2018: We’re told this 3GB bonus ends tonight…so if you haven’t called yet…