Rogers: 6PM Early Evenings 50% Off; Becomes A New Plan Feature Choice

This month, Rogers has launched a new 50% off promotion for 6PM early evenings and also made 6PM early evenings a new plan feature choice. However, I am not really sure how I feel about this new 6PM feature update from Rogers.

Obviously I prefer that Rogers just make 6PM early evening calling free (instead of charging $7.00/month), but then I can’t forget that the Canadian wireless industry is about imitation and not innovation (evenings normally start at 9PM with the Canadian carriers).

50% 6PM Early Evenings

With the free 6PM early evening calling promotion ending on August 3, Rogers has now introduced a new 50% off 6PM early evening calling promotion.

Expiring on September 15, 2010, Rogers customers who opt for the 6PM early evening calling option will receive the feature at 50% off. In other words, instead of paying $7.00/month, customers now pay $3.50/month until the feature is removed by the customer.

The add-on does not require customers to be on a contract and existing Rogers customers are also eligible without having to renew their existing contracted term (if applicable). Contact Rogers for the change.

New Plan Feature Choice: 6PM Early Evening Calling

Another 6PM calling promotion from Rogers, this one expiring on November 1, 2010, brings 6PM early evening calling as a new plan feature choice.

On the existing Rogers Voice Plans, Share Plans, Voice & Data plans, and Student Plans, customers have the choice to add one of the following free promotions to the existing plan:

  • Unlimited Messages (text, picture, video)
  • My5 Canada-wide
  • Unlimited Networking Calling (Rogers, Fido, Rogers Home Phone)
  • Double your Minutes

6PM early evening calling is now being added as a fifth feature choice (3-year agreement required).

Again, it would be great to have 6PM as a free standard option and then still being able to choose one of the four aforementioned features, but this is Rogers we’re talking about. At least now, customers who do more talking on their mobile can choose 6PM calling for free and save $7.00/month.