Rogers Offers $85/30GB Promo Plan with ‘Unlimited’ Data


Rogers 85 30gb

Rogers has launched a new Infinite promo plan offering 30GB of data for $85, joining the recently extended $75/20GB plan. The plan is eligible for bring your own device and more.

Normally, $85 per month for an Infinite plan would nab you 20GB of data, but this time Rogers has upped it to 30GB of shareable data. Infinite plans do not have overages but once data buckets are exhausted, speeds become throttled to 512 Kbps.

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This 30GB plan also qualifies for 6 months of free Apple Music as well, a recently launched perk for Infinite customer opting for plans with 20GB or higher.

Rogers says this is a “limited time offer”, and as of writing, it has not been matched yet by Telus or Bell this weekend.