Rogers’ Chatr Now Lets You Top Up an Account Online as a Guest

Chatr mobile top up guest

Rogers-owned prepaid brand, chatr, has announced a new ‘Top up as a Guest’ feature online, to allow owners and family and friends top up accounts without the need to sign in.

According to chatr, the Top up as a Guest feature lets “customers who forget their password, or who are topping up on behalf of another chatr customer” do so easily online.

No sign in is required to top up an account online. All you need is the 7-digit chatr phone number and 12-digit PIN from a voucher top-up card.

“We’re thrilled to launch this exclusive feature for chatr customers,” says Shailendra Gujarati, Vice President, chatr, in an issued statement to iPhone in Canada. “This is about making it easier and more convenient for chatr customers to top up on their terms.”

Other ways to top up with chatr are available through the My chatr app, Auto-pay, or by adding a credit card to the My chatr account online to get text reminders to top up.