Rogers EPP Promo: Save $300 Off Infinite Unlimited Data Plans, $68/20GB Available

Rogers epp

Image via RFD

If your employer offers wireless service through Rogers, you may want to check for the latest employee pricing plan promos. Right now, Rogers is offering $300 off its Infinite plans for 24 months, for BYOD, Edge 20, Edge 30 and Edge 40.

If you’re interested in BYOD Infinite plans, Rogers has the following prices listed:

  • Infinite 10+: $67.50/10GB (save $12.50/mo; normally $75; 17% off)
  • Infinite 20+: $68/20GB (save $27/mo; normally $95; 28% off)
  • Infinite 30+: $87.50/50GB (save $37.50/mo; normally $125; 30% off)

Rogers also says you can “get a $10 monthly discount for every additional line you add to Rogers Infinite plan.” There is a $35 “setup service fee” with each line.

All Rogers Infinite plans will see data throttled to 512 kbps once your data bucket is exceeded for the month. All plans include unlimited nationwide calling and global texts and the usual extras.

Back in November, Rogers EPP promos saw a similar discount up to 30% off, but the Infinite 20+ BYOD plan at $68/20GB is decent as there’s added savings right now.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on any of these Rogers EPP deals while they are still available.

[via RFD]