Rogers Expires Freedom Of Speech

Effective February 9, 2010 , Rogers will no longer be offering “Freedom of Speech” (FOS) on any term plans. This means that any customers activating on any monthly, 1, 2 or 3-year term service agreement on or after February 9, 2010 will no longer receive one month of unlimited local calling.

Prior to February 9, 2010, Rogers gave customers one month of unlimited local calling as a bonus for signing up. This allowed customers to make unlimited local calls for one month without any overage fees of any kind.

FOS started as a 3-month promotion about a year ago, where customers received three months of unlimited local calling. It was then reduced to one month and now zero months.

Rogers is however still keep on the Freedom of Data promotion. This is still available on monthly, 1, 2, or 3-year data terms. Like the FOS promotion, new and existing customers can receive unlimited email and browsing for two months (used to be three months) when activating on an iPhone plan (with data) with a monthly service fee of $25 or more (in Canada data only).

So new, prospective, and existing Rogers customers, keep in mind that any signed agreement or change on or after February 9, 2010 will no longer have unlimited local calling for any amount of time. You will however still have unlimited data for two months, if your plan has data.