Rogers Extends 6GB Data Plan Offer, Adds New Data Plans

Well well well…what perfect timing for Rogers to extend their 6GB/$30 data plan just after my previous post talking about it coming to an end. Today Rogers announced that they will be extending their 6GB data plan till the end of September to accommodate for new Blackberry Bold users. For you Twitter followers out there I mentioned the breaking news earlier in the day. Let’s get into some more details on what the changes entail.

Rogers Introduces New iPhone Data Plan: Starts in October

There are a couple more changes heading our way. A new $25/500MB data plan will launch on October first for the iPhone 3G and other smartphones, which will include a 3 month promo of unlimited usage. Need more than 500MB of data? A new $30/1GB data plan will be introduced as well. To qualify for these plans users will have to have a minimum $20 voice plan.

But wait, there’s more! A new “peace of mind protection” plan will also start on October 1st, which will include customers receiving text messages when they exceed certain data levels, sort of a warning sign before you get dinged for overages. However, excess charges if they do occur will be capped at $100. I guess that is a good thing for heavy data users, so you won’t get a $50,000 bill at the end of the month!

Rogers also commented that 95% of users have used less than 500MB in their first month. I’m confident that will surely increase as most people were testing the waters in their first month of usage. Now that we know exactly how much data is required for normal surfing, time to hit up more YouTube and streaming online radio folks!

I still think the 6GB/$30 data plan is your best option, even though it will require you to sign on for 3 year contract. You could pay $25 for 500MB, but that is pretty easy to go through if you’re using your iPhone 3G to its potential. These changes are definitely better than before, but in the end you’re going to have to decide what you want to do.

So in my previous post, many of you said you were going to wait. New data plans are coming…which one are you going to choose?


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