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Rogers and Fido to Implement Universal Call Blocking This Month [u]

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Last December, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) ordered wireless carriers to implement call blocking by December 19, 2019, giving one year to set up a system.

Ahead of the deadline, Rogers and Fido announced today they will be rolling out universal call blocking this month. It will apply to all incoming voice calls on all devices, including cordless, fixed-line telephones and over IP.

“Starting this month, we will begin implementing Universal Call Blocking to reduce unwanted nuisance calls that don’t comply with North American or International numbering plans e.g. 00000.”, explained Rogers in a tweet.

The CRTC decision means any caller ID info with telephone numbers that do not follow North American or International standards will be blocked, essentially cutting off some spam and telemarketing calls. With the deadline to implement call blocking coming in just over a month, expect other Canadian wireless carriers such as Telus, Bell and more to also have systems in place.

Update: Videotron also implemented universal call blocking, along with Freedom Mobile as well.

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