Rogers Giving Out 1 Month Free Credit for the Holidays [Update]

Update 1: Users are reporting the number is no longer in service. We’re told this promo was supposed to be for people with pending cancellations or are in the last month or two of a current contract.


It appears Rogers has offered up some more holiday cheer this season by offering one month of free credit to your account, based on the info provided via text message to customers.

According to the RFD forums, the text reads as follows:

“Rogers svc msg: please call 1 800 407 2647. We value you and would appreciate another chance to give a special offer of one month free credit. Some conditions apply.”

I haven’t received any text messages regarding this promotion, but multiple users have confirmed receiving one month worth of credit to their account. Anyone out there receive the promotional text message? Let us know if this works for you!