Rogers Offering Ignite Gigabit Internet for $49.99 to Select Customers

Rogers gigabit internet 114 99

Some Rogers customers have been able to get the company’s Ignite Gigabit internet with unlimited bandwidth for $49.99 per month, according to RFD.

Last week, one RFD user noted they called into Rogers and was offered the company’s Gigabit internet plan for $39.99 and $10 modem fee, for a total of $49.99 per month, for 12 months. This monthly pricing at $65.01 off compared to the regular rate of $114.99 per month on the Rogers website, or 57% off.

The RFD user was an existing Rogers customer with their internet term expiring soon, previously on the company’s Ignite 500 Mbps plan for $44.99 per month. The included modem is the white coloured Gigabit Wi-Fi modem and not the newest model in black.

This offer is one of those ‘your mileage may vary’ deals, as it’s not available to everyone. As of a few days ago, other RFD users were able to get this same plan but for $54.99 instead of $49.99, as their accounts were flagged for the offer, by calling 1-866-622-7578.

Again, if you’re close to the end of your Rogers internet term, you may be able to negotiate a deal to stop you from jumping ship to a competitor such as Bell and its Fibe Internet offering.

Rogers Ignite Gigabit internet offers download speeds up to 1 Gbps and upload speeds are up to 30 Mbps, according to the company’s website.