Rogers iPhone 3G Sales Flow: SIM Swaps Require Unbricking

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The iPhone 3G will be on sale Friday in Rogers and Fido retail stores. Yesterday we showed you how the iPhone 3G displays would be setup, which included the first real world look at the iPhone 3G dock. So far, has unearthed Rogers iPhone 3G training guides, which revealed a special version of iTunes would be required to unbrick the iPhone. Yesterday we showed you how the iPhone 3G displays would be setup, plus the first real world look at the iPhone 3G dock.

Well today, we have evidence to confirm that this is indeed true. This is just one crucial step that composes the Rogers iPhone 3G Sales Flow, which we’ve managed to get our dirty little fingers on. Just what exactly is the “sales flow?” Well, it outlines the steps employees should be following when selling and marketing the iPhone to would be customers (aka a 3 year long committment that feels like eternity–FAIL!)–that is if they haven’t already run to Bell/Telus!

There are 7 steps a Rogers/Fido employee will be taking to finally sell the iPhone 3G to unsuspecting customers. If you take a look at Step 6, the following information caught my attention:

Note: The tethering/unbricking process must be repeated every time a new SIM is inserted in the iPhone, even if the device has already been unbricked before.

So let’s say you buy a Rogers iPhone 3G for $199, pay the first month at $60 + $6.95 + $0.50…then decide to cancel and pay the cancellation fee of $400 in order to keep it, this is implying once the old SIM is taken out the phone will need to be unbricked again. If that’s the case, it means you’ll either have to go back to a Rogers/Fido store, or hope the iPhone Dev Team or some other unlocker has already gotten a headstart!

Anyways, take a look at both documents and see them for yourself and tell me what you think. Maybe print them out to ensure if employees in store are actually following the sales process! LOL 🙂

Joy of Tech: iPhone 3G or One Million Dollars?

Man, I love these comics. They are so damn funny that I still giggle like a little school girl the 2nd and 3rd time around. This one definitely applies to Rogers and their ridiculous prices (and other parts of the world too–Norway’s NetCom just offered unlimited data). It’s pure GOLD!!:

Click here to visit the full comic plus story…big props to! Thanks for the awesome comics. Everyone, subscribe to their RSS feed if you haven’t already and bring a geeky smile to your face! 🙂

Boycott Rogers T-shirt Design from Jay

Fellow reader Jay has a pretty cool anti-Rogers t-shirt going on. He’s wearing it proud and if anyone wants the original image, contact me and we’ll send it out your way. I wonder what the rest of the shirt reads…

Apple Stores in the USA Will Sell iPhone 3G at 8am

Our American friends down south will be getting their hands on iPhone 3G goodness starting at 8am. As for us in the Great White North…we’re still waiting on hearing last minute details from Rogers, if any. The days are counting down…July 11th can’t come any sooner for some! It’s like counting down to Christmas, but already knowing that your present will be a box full of rocks.

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