Rogers iPhone 4S Orders Now Available Over the Phone

Prior to the iPhone 4S announcement, Rogers informed customers about the option to pre-order the device through their online reservations system. Devices would be available on a first-come, first-serve basis dependent on stock, and emails would be dispatched to customers informing them when they could pick up their phone. The reservations system resulted in long waits due to huge iPhone 4S demand.

According to a tip we’ve received, it now appears Rogers is allowing customers to order the iPhone 4S over the phone with customer support, bypassing the online reservations system. By ordering via the phone users can get a unit immediately and have it shipped to their residence, based on available inventory.

If you don’t want to deal with either the reservations system or waiting to have one shipped, sign your contract over the phone, then try to locate an iPhone 4S at a local dealer. Last week during Black Friday/Cyber Monday, users picking up iPhone 4S units from Future Shop were eligible for $50 gift cards.

Let us know if you’re successful in ordering an iPhone 4S over the phone from Rogers.