[Update] Rogers iPhone 4S Upgrade Eligibility Status Page Now Live

Update 2: Not happy about the upgrade policy? Leave a comment on the Rogers Redboard, or sign this petition created by an unhappy Rogers customer.

Update 1: As per the details in the rest of the email, if you renew to 3 years, there is a $50 credit to be applied to your invoice.

Full Details

Pricing and upgrade offers and eligibility are subject to change without notice, even if you have reserved a device through the Rogers Reservation System. This upgrade offer is valid only with select new three-year term Voice and Data plans. Price plan change may be required. Subject to iPhone availability.

An Early Cancellation Fee (ECF) applies if, for any reason, your service is terminated prior to the end of the term of your Service Agreement. Full ECF details available in store.

Customers who renew on select three-year terms may be eligible for a one-time $50 Hardware Upgrade Rebate credit. Credit to be applied to customer’s invoice. Offer subject to change without notice. Full Hardware Upgrade Rebate details available in store.


Rogers customers can now check their iPhone 4S upgrade eligibility online. For those locked into contracts, all you have to do is fill out a form online and you will be notified of your status.

How to check your Rogers iPhone 4S upgrade eligibility:

1. Visit the Rogers iPhone 4S page, and click the ‘Get Started’ tab up top.

2. Click on ‘Check Eligibility’ for existing customers, and fill in your details.

Rogers will contact you regarding the eligibility of your iPhone 4S upgrade. Here’s the email I received based on the details I filled in. Note the $35 HUP ‘admin’ fee:

If you aren’t eligible, you can always order a factory unlocked unit from Apple. Let us know how this works for you below in the comments.

Thanks for the email Pat!