Rogers Launches New International Travel Packs, Still Pricier Than a Local SIM

Rogers has launched new international travel packs for your smartphone or tablet, should you choose to roam overseas. Below are the rates for Europe:

Screenshot 2014 04 15 10 54 10

Screenshot 2014 04 15 10 54 14

Yes, for $60/month you can get 40 minutes, 150 sent text messages and 40MB of data. For pay per use, you can get 20MB of data for $9.99 per day, $2.00/minute voice rates and $0.75 for each sent text message. A $100 cap is put on data overages (thanks CRTC Wireless Code).

These rates increase for Asia, Carribean, Latin America, Oceania and Middle East:

Screenshot 2014 04 15 11 02 37

Here they are for Africa:

Screenshot 2014 04 15 11 02 58

To subscribe to these travel packs, you can text “TRAVEL” to 7626 for free while overseas and text “USAGE” to 3330 for free to see your usage.

“Our customers have told us they want simpler solutions when travelling, no matter where their travels may take them,” said Raj Doshi, senior vice president, products, Rogers Communications. “With these new travel packs and a daily data rate, customers should feel confident they can text, get online, and stay connected while knowing how much their services will cost.”

As you can see from the rates above, while roaming overseas with Rogers can be convenient—it’s costly. Your best bet is to buy a local SIM card to pop into your unlocked iPhone if you want to save money for some souvenirs.