Rogers Offers $46.50/25GB Plan with $120 Credit for DoorDash Drivers

Byod save rogers

If you’re a DoorDash delivery driver, there’s a promo plan from Rogers right now in the form of a $46.50 plan with 25GB of monthly ‘unlimited’ data.

The promo plan is from Rogers authorized dealer ‘Red Wireless’, which says a $46.50 plan is available with 25GB of data per month. The plan includes a 5GB data bonus and $5/month discount for 24 months.

The authorized dealer’s website, says the plan is eligible for new activations and a $50 setup service fee applies. Dasher verification is also required and a “one-time pricing fee of $50 may apply for existing customers.” It also says existing customers with 6 months or less on their current term plan aren’t eligible for the deal.

Discussion on RFD says the plans also include a $120 phone credit, while phone plus tablet plans include a $170 credit.

There are various iPhones available on contract through the Rogers Upfront Edge program, which offers the option of returning the device after 24 months, or keeping your phone by paying back your upfront savings:

  • iPhone 12 mini 128GB: $63/20GB (Upfront Edge)
  • iPhone 12 mini 128GB: plus tablet: $70.75/30GB (Upfront Edge)
  • iPhone 12 64GB: $78.91/20GB (Upfront Edge)
  • iPhone SE 64GB: $80.50/20GB
  • iPhone 11 64GB: $85.17/20GB

If you’re a DoorDash driver, these plans and phones might be worth looking into. The deals expire on January 31, 2022.