Rogers to Postpone Upcoming Price Hikes on TV and Internet Due to COVID-19

Rogers had planned to increase prices for television and internet, starting after April 28, 2020. However, the company says it will be putting this price hike on hold, given the COVID-19 pandemic. News of the price hikes was made back in February.

“With this public health situation evolving so quickly we have made the decision to postpone these changes until later this year. There is no need to call us and we will automatically postpone these price changes for all our customers,” explains Rogers.

The company previously removed data caps temporarily for home internet plans until May 31, as a way to accommodate those working from home and other customers seeing increased bandwidth at home due to social distancing.

“We know how critical our services are for our customers right now.  We are working around the clock to ensure that customers, governments, health-care providers and businesses can stay connected to what matters most during this challenging time,” concluded Rogers.

Rogers did not specify how long the price hike delay would last for, but only stated they would now happen “later this year”.