Rogers Promo Offers Prepaid Data Plan for Tablets, 1GB for $60/Year


If you have a cellular iPad, Rogers currently has a promo where if you activate your device or change your existing plan, you can get 1GB of data for $60, prepaid for the year. Data overages will be charged at $0.05/MB.

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This works out to 83.3 MB for $5/month. Normal month-to-month tablet data plans start at $5/month for only 10MB. The fine print says the offer ends February 3, 2015. Unused data will not be carried over.

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If you are using your iPad for extremely light usage or as a dedicated GPS, this data plan might be worth considering. But at only 1GB, it will be consumed pretty quickly over LTE networks if you’re not careful.

[via RFD]