Rogers Promo Offers $75/20GB Unlimited Data Plan

Rogers $75 20gb

Last week, we told you Rogers, Telus and Bell again launched promos offering an $85/20GB plan with unlimited data (throttled to 512 Kbps beyond your allotted amount). This promo has been popping up simultaneously from incumbents like clockwork.

Telus was also offering a $75/20GB Peace of Mind plan with non-shareable data last week and over the weekend, Rogers came out and matched its rival with its own $$75/20GB unlimited data plan (but it supports sharing with other devices, unlike Telus).

Telus peace of mind $75 20gb

Normally, a 20GB unlimited data plan costs $95 per month, so at $75, you’re saving $20 off. With a Rogers Infinite plan, you get a 5G-ready plan that will work on the new line of Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphones.

In 2021, those looking to access 5G with an Infinite plan on Rogers will need to pay extra to use it at an extra $15 per month.

Bell’s website no longer lists the $85/20GB promo plan and also does not have a discounted $75/20GB plan like its rivals.

Telus says its promo $75/20GB Peace of Mind plan ends on March 31, 2010. We have a feeling the Rogers $75/20GB plan may end around the same time. Both of these promo plans are available online only.