Rogers Promo: Buy an iPhone XR, Get Free AirPods and Up to 4GB Bonus Data

Rogers airpods promo

Rogers has a promotion right now offering a free pair of first-generation AirPods ($220 value) when you buy an Apple iPhone XR on contract, plus up to 4GB of bonus data.

What’s the catch? You need to buy an iPhone XR on the Rogers Upfront Edge program, with a 2-year Ultra tab Share Everything plan, which starts at $125/month with 1GB data; however, it’s 3GB right now as part of a data bonus promo.

The Upfront Edge program–which launched back in March–offers $100 in upfront savings, making your iPhone XR $0 at the time of purchase. At the end of two years, you either return your iPhone XR to Rogers, or repay the $100 Upfront Edge savings and keep your phone. It’s essentially like leasing a smartphone.

The data bonus is currently from 2GB to 4GB, depending on the plan you choose. The 4GB data bonus only kicks in on plans priced at $135 per month or higher.

This promo is only available in-store and is not available online. Again, you need to decide if it’s worth it to pay $125 per month for two years for an iPhone XR ($3,100 after 2 years if you decide to keep it), to nab a free pair of first-gen AirPods.

[via MobileSyrup]