Rogers Promo Offering $45/25GB EPP Plan for BYOD

Rogers $45 25gb

Rogers appears to be offering a a $45/25GB promo plan as part of its Preferred Program, which offers companies corporate plan discounts for their employees.

The $45/25GB plan for bring your own device (BYOD) customers has previously been offered as a ‘winback’ plan, to entice former customers to return to the company, but now it is available for new employee preferred program activations.

According to details shared on RFD, the following Rogers Preferred Program plans are being offered:

  • $45/25GB – BYOD (20GB + 5GB bonus) after $5 monthly bill credit; new activations only
  • $50/25GB – Financing plan for new devices (20GB + 5GB) and $120 bill credit

Rogers currently offers an $85/40GB plan as a promo right now (normally 25GB) on its website for regular customers. So to get a $45/25GB plan is a considerable discount for an ‘unlimited’ plan.

These plans should be available from any Rogers dealer that can offer corporate plans. You should also check with your employer to see if these new offers are better than your existing Rogers corporate plans.