Rogers Q4 2012 Activated and Upgraded 940,000 Smartphones

Rogers this morning announced their Q4 2012 earnings and their wireless division continues to grow on strength from data revenue, which was at $727 million (21% YOY growth) for the quarter. Total wireless revenue was at $1.92 billion (5% YOY growth) and their adjusted operating profit was $687 million (3% YOY growth). Blended ARPU also grew 1.66% compared to the year ago quarter to $60.48.

Rogers President and CEO Nadir Mohamed (set to retire in January of 2014) said “it was a record quarter for smartphone sales in our Wireless business where data revenue growth continues to accelerate.”

Rogers added 58,000 postpaid subscribers and also activated and upgraded 940,000 smartphones, the most in their history. Smartphone users now represent 69% of their overall postpaid user base. Adding up their prepaid and postpaid customers, Rogers has 9,437,000 wireless users, the most of any carrier in Canada.