Rogers Launches Free ‘Today’s Parent My Family’ iOS App

Today’s Parent magazine, part of Rogers Digital Media, has launched a free iOS app for iPhone and iPad. The app offers content based on the age of your child, along with a storybooks section to collect personal photos and videos.

The app also features a tracker to enter in baby’s nap times and feeding schedules, so you can keep track of the mayhem right from your iPhone or iPad. No word whether the app can return the sleep you’ve lost from the night before (trust me, it’ll be gone forever).

Features include:
– Personalized content based on the due date or the age of your child. You can easily track multiple children.
– Gorgeous Storybooks for collecting those amazing family moments using your pictures and videos. You can also add quotes and photo captions. Then share your digital scrapbook with family and friends.
– Trackers that help you record your baby’s naps and record breastfeeding and bottle feedings.
– A potty training tool that makes toilet training fun and rewarding for toddlers and preschoolers.
– The Baby Namer tool to help you find just the right baby name.
– How-to videos on recipes, crafts, baby care and more.
– Our social media feeds, all integrated into your personalized stream.

Todays parent iphone

Click here to download Today’s Parent My Family in the App Store. The free app is definitely a way to get some more magazine subscribers, which costs $14.99 for the year.