Rogers Updates Buyers Preference/Remorse Policy for iPhone 3G/3GS

Effective October 28 2009, Rogers Wireless stores/employees will be required to re-sell any iPhone 3G/3GS devices that are returned by customers under Buyers Preference or Buyers Remorse (click here to learn about these policies).

The New iPhone BRBP Policy

The current policy for Rogers Wireless employees is to accept returned iPhones and send them back to Rogers. In other words, stores only carried 100% brand-new iPhone devices.

With the new change, employees are now responsible for “refreshing” and re-selling the iPhones from the store.

Here are the steps that Rogers Wireless Employees must now take with BRBP returns

1.) Ensure the iPhone is eligible under BRBP

2.) Remove the customers SIM and destroy it

3.) Restore the unit back to factory settings and clear all customer data using iTunes

4.) Discard any headsets that may be included (this one is a bit odd because in order to even return an iPhone, ALL accessories must be in the box)

5.) Re-package the device using the original box and insert the box in an “open box” branded sleeve.

The re-packaged iPhones will not be sold as “new”, but the returned devices will retain the remaining of the one year warranty.

What This Means For You

So why does this matter to you? There are two reasons

1.) If you are planning to return your iPhone 3G/3GS, make sure you restore the iPhone first. Personally, I would not want a bunch of Rogers Wireless employees lurking in my device

2.) If you are planning to buy a new iPhone 3G/3GS, make sure you are sold a totally brand-new, tightly SHRINK WRAPPED iPhone 3G/3GS.

The re-packaged devices will not be sold at a discount and instead will be sold at regular promotional pricing. Personally, I find this an odd move because no matter what way you slice it, the iPhone is used.

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