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Rogers Updates Government Regulatory Government Fee (GRRF) On Price Plans

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In late 2009, the Canadian wireless carriers started eliminating their system access and 911 fees. The system access and 911 fees typically cost from $6.95 – $8.95 and $0.50 – $1.00 depending on carrier and province.

When the Canadian carriers finally eliminated the system access fees, most increased all of their price plans by $5.00/month. This was a fair tradeoff since a minimum of $7.45 in fees were reduced, giving users a net overall plan savings of $2.45.

However, Rogers took it one step further by introducing a GRRF (Government Regulatory Recovery Fee) on top of the $5.00 monthly increase. Also note worthy is that this fee has nothing to do with the Canadian Government, despite its name.

In the end, with the GRRF and $5.00 monthly fee increase, plans ended up being about $0.13 more expensive (higher in some provinces) with Rogers.

At that time, in late 2009, the GRRF for voice or voice and data plans was as follows:

  • $2.58/month: AB, BC, MB, ON, QC
  • $3.11/month: NB
  • $3.46/month: NF/L
  • $3.01/month: NS
  • $3.08/month: PEI
  • $2.96/month: SK

About a year later, showing just how useless this fee is, Rogers saw fit to decrease (or increase in some cases) the fee to the following:

  • $2.43/month: AB, BC, MB, ON  Decrease
  • $2.43/month: NWT, YT, NUN – Increase (never had GRRF before)
  • $2.96/month: NB – Decrease
  • $3.45/month: NF/L – Decrease
  • $2.86/month: NS – Decrease
  • $2.93/month: PEI – Decrease
  • $2.83/month: QC – Increase
  • $3.05/month: SK – Increase

Effective May 3 2011, Rogers has again reduced (or increased in some cases), but not eliminated, the GRRF:

  • $2.35/month: AB, BC, MB, ON – Decrease
  • $2.35/month: NWT, YT, NUN – Decrease
  • $2.88/month: NB  Decrease
  • $3.35/month: NF/L  Decrease
  • $2.78/month: NS  Decrease
  • $2.85/month: PEI  Decrease
  • $2.75/month: QC  Decrease, but higher than it was in 2009. So actually an increase.
  • $2.97/month: SK  Decrease, but higher than it was in 2009. So actually an increase.


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