Rogers Updates My Account iPhone App With Services Tab

This week, Rogers has updated their free “My Account” iPhone application to include a new Services tab.

The “My Account” app allows Rogers customers to view the amount of minutes, data and messages that they have used so far in the month, the amount of remaining usage for the month and how many minutes/data/messages their plan includes per month.

The app further allows users to view the amount of their current and last month invoice and also pay for the current invoice via credit card.

The app has now been updated to include a new “Services” tab that currently only features Rogers’ new “Extreme Text Messaging“. At this time, users can manage the following settings with regards to “Extreme Text Messaging”:

  • Forward
  • Auto Reply
  • Distribution Lists
  • Copy
  • Personal Signature
  • Text Blocker

The new Services tab will also presumably include other services that customers are paying for such as Voicemail, Caller Display, Long Distance packages and Text Messaging packages.

These services are likely to be managed via the iPhone app so that users can take off and add new or existing services to their Rogers account. This access is similar to what Rogers customers have when accessing their account via