Rogers/Fido 6GB Data Plan Ends on September 30th

If you’re using the iPhone 3G on Rogers or Fido, most likely you are on the 6GB/$30 smartphone data plan. This plan was supposed to expire at the end of August but it was extended to the end of September. After analyzing my data usage over the past couple of months, I have come to the conclusion that exceeding the 6GB data cap is going to be next to impossible unless I’m tethering the iPhone 3G for internet, or streaming online radio 24/7 (I know some of you guys are music junkies out there).

Anyways, if you recall, I did post some breaking news regarding new data plans coming on October 1st. These plans were leaked to me from a very reliable source, with close ties to the Rogers empire. Let’s also remember the new data plans that will be announced too. How does 500MB for $25 sound? 🙂

If you’re on the fence about getting an iPhone 3G, maybe it’s time to decide now since this 6GB plan is THE data plan. Tethering is possible through Netshare and iPhone Modem (posts coming soon!). However at this point in time it’d be interesting to see if Rogers can detect it, even through a proxy. Regardless, the peace of mind knowing that you won’t exceed your data plan is what we are all looking for. There’s nothing worse than constantly tracking data usage. I like to surf, stream radio, stream live videos with QIK, and use data freely and frivolously!

September 30th is around the corner so if you haven’t added the 6GB data plan to your account, you better do so quickly. Here’s a breakdown of my data usage from August 12 to September 12th.

Yes, I know I need to use more data. Currently I only use 3G and have turned off WiFi to see how much data I can consume. I’ll let you know my results next month!

6GB Data Usage Contest

This will get very interesting. If you have used up to 6GB of data in one month and send me a screenshot to prove it (please, no photoshopped entries), you will win a MYSTERY PRIZE (ooooh! how exciting)! The first person to do will be a lucky winner of a free iPhone 3G accessory! Good luck!! Spread the word and email this contest to your friends! LOL!

How much data have you used in one month so far? Over 1GB? 2GB? 3GB+?!

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