Rogers/Fido Launch US/International Text Message Promotion

If you plan on traveling this summer and want to save on your wireless bill by using text messaging, Rogers/Fido have just launched a new US/International text message promotion.

When you go traveling outside of Canada, roaming can be expensive and using another carrier network for voice, data, and messages adds up quickly. In recent months, the Canadian wireless carriers have launched new packages called “Travel Packs” that make it less expensive to use your device outside of Canada.

Starting this week, and expiring on October 31, 2010, Rogers/Fido have reduced their US/International text message travel packs by 60%. What used to cost $12.50/month for 25 sent text messages (unlimited received) is now $5/month.

With the previous price, sent text messages cost $0.50/message and with the new price, messages cost $0.20/message. This is a large decrease compared to the typical $0.75+/message sent when traveling outside of Canada.

Promotional US/International Text Message Travel Packs:

  • Cost: $5.00/month (for either the US pack or the International pack)
  • Messages: 25 sent, unlimited received
  • Overage fee: Any messages over 25 sent messages are billed at $0.50/message
  • Notes: The U.S. Text Messaging Travel Pack includes text messaging to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The International Text Messaging Travel Pack does not include text messaging to the U.S., Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Cuba