Rogers/Fido Name Display Does Not Work With iPhone?

Recently Rogers and Fido both updated their various iPhone related value packs to include Name Display along side the Caller Display feature. This was primarily due to the release of iPhone OS 3.1, which, among other updates, brought with it the ability to use Name Display on the iPhone…or did it?

After various personal testing and many emails from concerned readers, I have concluded that Name Display on Rogers/Fido is either broken or that 3.1 did not really bring about Name Display for the iPhone. At the same time, I have had some readers email me with success. In other words, Name Display with the iPhone/Rogers/Fido seems to be a 50/50 hit.

So, community, we need your help in determining what causes Name Display to both work and not work.

To summarize, Caller Display displays an incoming caller’s phone number while Name Display shows that caller’s name that they have on their account. This will occur even if the person who is calling is not in your iPhone contact list. If the person blocks their outgoing name, then you will not see a name.

Your Task, if you so choose to accept it…

In the comments below, please list the following information exactly as I have typed it here and just sub-in your answers:

  • Do you have Name Display on your account? [ANSWER, CALL ROGERS/FIDO]
  • Does Name Display work for you? [ANSWER]
  • Type of iPhone: [TYPE OF IPHONE HERE, 2G, 3G, 3GS]
  • iPhone firmware version: [FIRMWARE VERSION HERE]
  • iPhone modem version: [MODEM VERSION HERE]

To locate your firmware and modem version, on your iPhone go to:

  • Settings > General > About